Our Website
March 19, 2009

We are very excited to have our website up and running!

As many of you may have noticed, our ‘coming soon’ page has finally been replaced with a great website that we can actually be proud of.  The whole process of creating a presence on the world wide web has become a real learning experience.  One thing that has been made very clear to us is the boundless possibilities of the internet.   But anyway,  I would like to specifically thank two companies that played a major role in getting us up on line!  With out them we would probably still be ‘coming soon’ !  Kirbtech LLC is a computer sales and tech support company.  Kirby has a wealth of knowledge on what I I’ve pretty much concluded to be anything computer related.  His technical tips and tidbits were invaluable.  If you need assistance with setting up a complex  company network to simply purchasing a home computer for the kids,Kirbtech can help you out.  They offer creative solutions to your problems at very competitive cost.  The other company that I would like to rave about for just a bit is Cross and Crown Productions.  I ran across them while surfing the web for ideas on websites.   Wow, these guys are like a breath of fresh air!   Proffesional, knowlegeable, creative and efficient.  They walked through our web project with confidence that I could tell was backed with experience.   I had a great time working with them through the design phases and was able to give my feedback – even if it called for changes – with out fealing any resentment.  The other selling point for Cross and Crowns services is their competative pricing.  This gives their work exceptional value.  Check these guys out if you need any type of marketing  suggestions, they are full of ideas!   Being able have a great relationship with reputable companies like Kirbtech and Cross and Crown will help give us the ability serve our customers even better.            Thanks Guys!